My name is Fabian Fitzner and I live in Dubai, together with my beautiful wife Veronika and our two dogs Cookie and Muffin.


I love any kind of sports but my passions are kitesurfing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where I was awarded my blackbelt in 2017. Since I was little I wanted to be successful. I never liked to do things the same way everybody else did, because I knew the outcome would be the same like everybody else's.

When I was 18 I went to military to do a special forces training. (Un)fortunately I ripped my ACL which led me to finish my last years of duty as an instructor. As I liked the instructor role and sports is my passion it was obvious that I could see myself as a Fitnesstrainer.

After I left the military I studied sports and nutrition and became a personal trainer. 


After 1 year in the job I decided I need to be more responsible for myself and started to work as self-employed. In the summer 2006 I met my wife Veronika. Just 2 month later we decided to leave Germany and move to Canary Islands in Spain. We opened two fitnessclubs which were running quite well for almost 6 years. In the 7th year the worldwide financial crises came to the islands and we lost more than 50% of our clients. My wife and I had be back in the gym on a daily basis, working from 7am till 11pm. 


I was very frustrated and worried as we barely could pay our rent. I was looking for solutions and became very interested in network marketing. I looked at it from the standpoint of an entrepreneur and I loved the idea immediately. The company would take all the headache away a normal entrepreneur has. production, logistics, payroll issues, marketing , licensing, all things I would not have to worry about.

The only issue I had was that I knew many people who tried network marketing and became not successful.

On the other hand I knew a handful of people who became very successful. So I decided to give it a shot but I wanted to learn from those who know how it works. I looked out for a mentor and copied what he did. 

After many up's and down's, the sale of our gym (which we never got paid for. But that is a different story) we understood the principals of the industry and could teach our systems to our business partners. 3,5 years after the start with our current company we became top-producers and reached the highest rank in all over Europe, only topped by our sponsors.


Today our organization is spread to more than 100 different countries and is tens of thousand of people large.

When I started my network marketing journey I did it as I wanted to create an additional income and maybe do it full-time one day.


But as more as I understood about the industry, people became more and more important to me. Today it is not about the money anymore, it is about helping others to grow, building communities and giving back. Make sure you follow me on social media where I give a lot of free content for network marketers to learn the same principals I have used to become successful. Also have a look at the free videocourse on this website which teaches you 6 ways to find unlimited prospects.

Live a life you don't need a vacation from.

  • Good character based on great values

  • Always be coachable 

  • Find a Mentor who already is where you wanna be

  • Be hungry for success

  • Care for others

  • Be a teamplayer