The S.M.A.R.T - approach

When it comes to goal setting, I follow a strategy which is called S.M.A.R.T because you have to be smart with goal setting, right?

S.M.A.R.T is actually an acronym where the S stands for specific. Be specific in your goal setting. What do I mean by that? Let's imagine you say, "Hey, my goal is, I want to lose weight." It's not specific at all. Instead, what you need to say is, "I want to lose, for example, six kilograms," or you say, "I want to be successful." Okay, make it specific. Let's say how much money you want to make? How much time you want to get? What is your specific goal and what does being successful mean to you?

Goals need to be measurable. We have the S for specific, we have the M for measurable. You need to be able to measure your goals. Again, if you just say, "I want to be successful," and even if you make it somehow specific but you cannot measure your way towards your goal, it's almost impossible to track. Let's go back to weight loss. If you say, "I want to lose 6 kilograms," it is obvious that you can measure that goal. Not only when you reached it but also when you are working on it.

A stands for achievable. Let’s say you weigh 50 kilograms, and you say, "I want to lose 40." That's not achievable. That makes no sense at all. You get the point, right?

The next one is R. R stands for realistic. Let's take me as an example and let's say I want to become a world champion in the adult class of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. What do you need to understand is, that the adult's class of Brazilian jiu-jitsu basically ends at the age of 25. For me, at the age of 37, would it be realistic to become a world champion at the adult's class of Brazilian jiu-jitsu? It's not realistic at all as I can not even compete in this class anymore. As long as a goal is not realistic, don't even go for it. You can think big and you have to think big, but still, by thinking big, you need to know, is it somehow possible?

The T stands for "Timeframed." If you say, "I want to lose six kilos," to go back to the first example. You need to define by WHEN do you want to reach the goal? A goal without a timeframe is just a wish; it becomes a goal when there's a timeframe added to it.

So next time when you set a goal, make sure you act S.M.A.R.T.

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