Master your life with these 4 tricks

The science of being happy

I think if you really want to master your life, there are different aspects to it. One of the most important things is time. You need to understand how to use your time correctly, how to manage your time. It's almost annoying how people get pressed into a system, which teaches them to become a good employee and live that nine to five lifestyle. Because honestly, when you were a child, you did not have that in you. You're not looking forward to work the rest of your life for eight to nine hours a day, sleep eight hours and then you have a few hours left. Then somebody else tells you how much vacation you can have.

People are always celebrating Friday but they’re never celebrating Monday. Why is that? Because they're living a life for the weekend. They're living their whole life for two days of the week and I think that's completely wrong because everybody has something in them to really go for something they love. You need to wake up with passion in the morning. You need to have time for your family. You need to have time for things you love.

If we look at the most successful people in the world, we're talking about billionaires. Just to name a few, let's say, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins. What are all those people are doing different? What do they do different? Do they have more time than you? They have 24 hours. Everybody has 24 hours a day. What they do is they leverage their time differently. I think everybody on planet earth can leverage their time and can live the life they really want, but you need to take a decision to do so. To master your life, you need to understand how to manage your time and that's a big, big chunk, a big part of the whole cake.

Also, you need to understand that making money plays a big role as well. I'm not a materialistic person. I'm not about things at all. I love to invest my money in experiences.

I'm not about big cars, I'm not about big brands. If I buy a brand, I buy them in outlets for the real value almost, and not for that overpriced value because somebody else puts a name tag on it.

Still, I think in our society, money is a very important topic. By importance for most people It comes right after oxygen because you kind of need it if you want to survive in our society.

You need to find a way that you do not live from paycheck to paycheck, which means that you don't live from month to month or from week to week. Maybe you know that feeling that at the end of the money there is still some month left.

What you need to understand is how can you, first of all, make more money, but most important is how you can keep your money, because it's not about how much you make, it is about how much you keep and then how much you invest. That's a very important part of life mastery.

Next thing is how to have more love in your life. What do I mean about love? Managing relationships is a skill. There’s a great book from Dale Carnegie called How to Make Friends. It teaches a little bit about the basics, how you create your network. I think or I know it is learnable. You can really learn how to make friends, how to build relationships. You can also learn how to keep relationships.

I personally think the most important thing in life are relationships, because that’s what gives you joy, that’s what gives you fun. Relationship in your marriage. How can you manage your marriage? How can you actually meet new people? How you can create your network, how you can get a better and bigger network, and how you can make friends all around the world.

The last part for total life mastery, in my opinion, is fun. We all have that inner child, that in a child wants to be pleased. If you do something you do not like you will never perform. If you do something you don't really want to do, you cannot be successful. Do something what lets you wake up in the morning, jumping out of the bed and go for that vision. But most importantly you need to have fun doing it.

Fun is an aspect which also has to do with work-life balance. I know so many people, they're very rich, very wealthy but they're not happy. Why are they not happy? They're not happy because they're not having fun. It's always about the hustle, then it's always about the work, is always about the next goal. It's never about laying back and treating themselves and giving themselves the joy of doing something what is actually fun. If work is what satisfies them, I am ok with it. But there are only a handful of people like that.

In my opinion, it's a very, very important thing to have a work-life balance. And I am using that word as most people understand what I am talking about. I more like to say, you need to create a life where you don't need a vacation from. For me, work doesn't feel like work but still, I want something on the counterpart of that scale to balance it out, which is actually having fun.

I love kite surfing, I love doing Brazilian jiu jitsu, I love going to the gym and I need that because that gives me energy. You should always look for something, what you really love. The best thing what you can do is, make your hobby to a profession.

That's the best thing I can tell you.

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